Environmentally Friendly, Clean, Green Power!!

  • No electric motors or diesel engines!
  • No fuel or electricity!
  • No pollutants!
  • No emissions!
  • No oils, greases or chemicals!
  • Constructed from Re-cyclable materials!
  • Powered by a totally renewable energy source!

Robust construction

  • ARIES Ram Pumps are fully automatic and designed to run continuously for very long periods with almost no maintenance.

  • They can be serviced with simple tools and with minimal technical expertise.


If you need water pumped to a location much higher than it's source, then Ram Pumps could well be the answer. they will out perform many other types of pump when it comes to 'Achievable Head of Water'

What Are Ram Pumps?

  • Ram Pumps, pump water with no running costs!

Put simply, they are a 'Fit and Forget' solution if you need a constant supply of water without running costs.


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